2019 Annual Report

You helped change the lives of hundreds of survivors of human trafficking, violence, and exploitation last year.

Through your generosity, victims of modern slavery received life-transforming job-readiness training, counseling, and good jobs. With your partnership, survivors are breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation – forever.



Survivors of modern slavery, including human trafficking and other forms of exploitation, accessed our services last year.


Survivors of human trafficking and exploitation were employed in safe work.

Your gifts helped Valerie break the cycle of exploitation.

When Valerie arrived in Malaysia for her new job, she quickly found out the employer had lied. Learn how you helped her escaped human trafficking, find a good job, and break the cycle of exploitation.


Of 10ThousandWindows survivors who took their high school equivalency exam passed. This is 5 times higher than the national Philippines average.

You helped empower and protect those vulnerable to trafficking, like Ana

Like many women in the Philippines, Ana married young and was forced to leave high
school early to help support her family. But she found herself struggling to find work
that would pay the bills and was at risk for trafficking and exploitation. Learn how your generosity changed her life forever.


Survivors graduated from high school and college.


Partner organizations in the business, aftercare, NGO, and health sectors.

All financial data is available in the 2019 Annual Report.