About Us

10KW is an international team of individuals dedicated to a world in which survivors of violence and exploitation live safe, free, and hopeful lives through economic empowerment.

Meet the Team

Jeremy Floyd
Executive Director
Jennifer Ward
Development Coordinator
Jonna E.
Cebu Director
Janice U.
Manila Director

We believe in equity in leadership and representation.

100% of our leadership and program staff in the Philippines are Filipina women. We are committed to growing the diversity of our board and to strengthening survivor leadership within our organization.

Our Board of Directors

Julie Bryce, Head of Solution Marketing, Brand & Corporate Communications, Axiom

Shanon Doolittle, Chief Fundraising Strategist, Shanon Doolittle + Co.

Jeremy Floyd, Executive Director, 10KW

Kirsten Foot, Ph.D., Professor of Communication, University of Washington

Mike Gogis, CFO, Handshake Partners

Andrew Means, Head of uptake.org, Chair

Lance Robinson, President/Founder, Equitas Group

Anne Swartz, CFO, Provision Foundation, Secretary/Treasurer

“After a decade working in the anti-trafficking sector, I have seen firsthand how important education and meaningful employment are in reversing the devastating effects of exploitation. That’s why I joined this amazing team. I’m grateful to work together with survivors of violence and exploitation to find sustainable solutions for their future–a future that is safe, free, and hopeful. We take our work seriously, and we pledge to our donors and stakeholders that we will provide the highest levels of service, transparency, and integrity in our efforts to support the long-term well-being of our clients.”

Jeremy Floyd, Executive Director

Our partners