Client Dignity

Client dignity is at the core of everything that we do. In our view, the spirit in which we work is just as important as the program itself.

Core principles — such as respect for client autonomy, partnership, empathy, and commitment to learning and excellence — guide us in all that we do. We listen to survivors and partner with our clients in achieving their goals for their own lives. We continually learn about how to strengthen our work and to share these findings with others; doing so is part of our commitment to ensuring that our programs truly serve our clients well.

We believe in client confidentiality. In our communications, we respect the privacy of survivors and honor their inherent dignity. We believe that survivors themselves should choose when and if to disclose their abuse histories. Since 10KW is known as an organization that serves survivors of violence and exploitation, we operate under a different organizational name in the field to protect the confidentiality of our clients. Survivors themselves decide whether or not to inform their employers and others of their abuse histories. For their safety and confidentiality, we do not make this decision on their behalf.