Pathway Partners is a recurring monthly donation that breaks the cycle of poverty and violence by giving survivors workplace skills, education, and good jobs.

“I know I cannot go overseas to help trafficking survivors, but my monthly support of 10ThousandWindows is an easy and very meaningful way for me to give back and help break cycles of violence around the world.

––––––––––––––––– LORI – PATHWAY PARTNER

Every month we dutifully dole out $15, $25, $50 (or more!) for subscription services that make us happy and that make our lives easier.

But what if your monthly investment could benefit someone else? What if you could really help someone who has suffered some of the worst human rights violations to transform their life forever?

Yes, human trafficking and human rights abuses can feel overwhelming. But the pathway to true restoration is clear. When survivors gain workplace skills, complete their education, and secure and sustain a good job, they break the cycle of poverty and exploitation and stay safe and free, forever.

Help survivors on their pathway to freedom. Become a Pathway Partner.

How It Works

Starting at $15/month

Become a Pathway Partner and help a survivor break the cycle of poverty, violence, and exploitation. Forever.

Restore Victims

Invest in a survivor’s future and help them stand on their own two feet with dignity as they build skills, finish school, and get a good job. What better return on investment is there? 

End Suffering

This is a community dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty, violence, and exploitation. It’s where lasting freedom and empowerment start.

Once a Pathway Partner, you’ll have an exclusive window into survivors’ pathways to freedom. You’ll receive:

Regular Updates

How your monthly investment is changing lives.

Quarterly Newsletter

Exclusive quarterly newsletter for Pathway Partners.

Photos and Videos

Evidence that your monthly donation creates pathways for survivors.

Make a difference every single month.
Join the Pathway Program today. 

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