The Problem

Financial instability leaves survivors of human trafficking, labor exploitation, and gender-based violence vulnerable to further abuse and exploitation.

Economic empowerment services leading to real security for survivors is often lacking in other anti-trafficking programs. Our program in the Philippines is a direct response to feedback from survivors themselves – who expressed their desire for safe employment that helps them care for their own needs and those of their families.

We fill a gap in the sector by providing economic empowerment services that support survivors in achieving greater financial security while being respectful and responsive to the unique needs of people who have experienced violence.

What the research says.

A growing body of research has revealed that significant vulnerabilities remain for human trafficking survivors even after receiving post-trafficking services. Trafficking survivors who are unable to find safe employment often stay at risk for re-trafficking and other forms of violence and exploitation.

Additionally, without a means of supporting themselves financially, people who have experienced gender-based violence may have no choice but to remain in violent households or situations. Research has, however, also shown that if economic empowerment services are not provided properly, participating in these programs can increase survivors’ risk for further violence due to perpetrators feeling threatened by survivors’ independence.

Our programs are designed with these needs in mind. We help survivors achieve their own goals and stay safe in the process.

Help us empower survivors of violence and exploitation with the resources, education, and jobs they need to stay safe and free.