Your generosity to our COVID-19 Crisis response has spread hope in a pandemic.

For the first time in her life, Maryel* secured a good job in November 2019. She had suffered exploitation, and it had taken her years of support from 10ThousandWindows to overcome trauma, gain workplace skills, and find employment. Maryel was finally in a good place. With her regular paychecks, she could care for her children, pay her bills, and put food on the table. 

Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. 

Maryel’s city in the Philippines was thrust into strict quarantine and she was laid off from her job. She used her last paycheck to stock up on food but knew it wouldn’t last long. With no job, no income, and no prospects of finding work in the near future, Maryel’s situation was desperate. 

The impact of Coronavirus on vulnerable people has been severe, but the power of your generosity cannot be understated. You have helped mitigate the intensity of the pandemic for survivors like Maryel. With your support, Maryel and hundreds of other victims of exploitation were able to survive the dark hours of the COVID-19 crisis with dignity.  

Because you showed up for survivors, we were able to initiate our COVID-19 Crisis Response within weeks of the pandemic rearing its ugly head. The emergency cash transfers and virtual counseling sessions have been a crucial lifeline for Maryel and other survivors during the quarantine. 

“The cash aid helped me buy food like rice and meat for my family,” Maryel says. “Before, I could only feed my children porridge. But after receiving the money, I could prepare meals for my children.” 

Your generosity has made a difference. You have been a beacon of light in a dark time and spread hope during a pandemic. And together, we can help Maryel and other survivors like her get good jobs in the months to come, so they can live safe, free, and hopeful lives once again.

*name changed to protect survivor privacy